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Having a nice smile with Toyota Service Center

With full range car services and the Highest Standards of quality, you can be confident

The quality & standard of Toyota

  • We are taking care of your car with a full skilled technician team, who certified for operation standards from Toyota.
  • Get to know Toyota car better than anyone else with a complete and modern special equipment. Exclusive for Toyota Service Center only, the specialized equipment is designed to precisely monitor Toyota vehicles for the analysis and solve problems accurately.
  • For driving perfection, we use genuine Toyota parts.
  • Convenience for customers with an online repair history data storage system, which is linked to service centers nationwide
  • Be assured with the 1-year quality warranty or 20,000 km repair, whichever comes first. (Guarantee the repair work at the point where the customer receives the service)

Quality Assurance

Toyota has the policy to guarantee the quality of spare parts and repair work. Besides, Toyota Service Center will ensure the quality of genuine parts of Toyota. Also, installed according to the standards set by Toyota Service Center. Including the quality of repair work and other effects from repair work for 1 year or 20,000 km, whichever comes first.

  1. Any modification from service centers other than Toyota’s standard service centers.
  2. Not the genuine Toyota parts.
  3. Damage from transportation.
  4. Accident from use and misuse.
  5. The Impact due to incorrect cleaning maintenance and store at an inappropriate place.
  6. Other expenses incurred such as telephone charges, accommodation expenses, car rentals, time loss, and business damages.
  7. The parts that change according to service life. Maintenance or repair expenses due to deterioration from using, such as wheel alignment, tire balancing, radiator liquid lubricant change, and various filter changes tires, wiper blades, fuses, bulbs, spark plugs, brake pads, worn belts, and others.
  8. Repairing damaged parts such as repairing radiators, cut the welding parts of exhaust pipes and others.

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